About Gayle

Gayle lives and works in the heart of the tallgrass prairies of Kansas.  She started creating her nature-inspired and prairie grass jewelry after she moved to Kansas and experienced the diverse plant life of the prairie.  As a girl, Gayle grew up in Oklahoma where her grandmother who was Osage, taught her to appreciate and respect nature.  She now is a Konza prairie docent and art teacher who teaches nature journaling as a way to pass down that respect for nature to her art students and the young people who visit the prairie.

She believes that women are most beautiful in their natural state.  She creates her jewelry line to reflect the natural beauty of the women who wear her pieces.

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Gayle's work can also be found:

Online on Etsy: Gayle Dowell

Flint Hills Discovery Center gift shop in Manhattan, KS

Manhattan Arts Center Wrap-it-Up Sale in November and December in Manhattan, KS.

The Willa Cather Foundation in Red Cloud, NE

Strecker Nelson West Gallery in Manhattan, KS

Publications: Manhattan Magazine Spring 2015

She does custom work when she has time, please contact her for special requests using the contact form link at the top or bottom of this page.