Little Hearts on the Prairie

Little Hearts on the Prairie


There are several strong women in my life who love the prairie.  So much so, that they have dedicated their lives to educating and preserving what is left of the tallgrass prairie here in the heartland, the flint hills of Kansas.


To these women, I dedicate my line of "Little Hearts on the Prairie" earrings in their honor.  I've handcrafted these in sterling silver and textured them with the leaves of the western yarrow and a few sprigs of little bluestem, the state grass of Kansas.  Thank you ladies for all you do to make the public aware of the importance of preserving our wide open spaces, our native prairie.


Click photos to purchase.  If you are interested in a custom order with your favorite prairie grass or wildflower texture, please contact me using the contact form listed at the top and the bottom of the page for your special request.

Western Yarrow Earrings in Sterling Silver

Little Bluestem Earrings in Sterling Silver