Ember Collection

The Ember Collection was inspired by a walk on Konza Prairie a day after a prescribed burn.  The ground was a dark ash and there were glimpses of smoldering embers from some fallen limbs that were still burning.  I loved the contrast of the orange against the dark black ash.


I created this collection using bright orange carnelian gemstones, oxidizing the sterling silver to create a dark background, and polishing the tops of the grass or cedar branches to bring out the texture.  Each piece is made by hand and no two pieces will look exactly the same.


Controlled or prescribed burns are done to reduce invasive species and to promote healthy growth of the grasses.  It reminds me that I need to reduce bad habits and to promote healthy growth in my life by allowing some fire to produce some beautiful orange embers.  Shedding the old, embracing the new.


I'll be adding more Ember inspired pieces over time.  Find the collection here:  EMBERS